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Bespoke photo framing

Frame Moulding Chevrons

Our Bespoke frames are all custom made for you.

We offer expert advice on the right frame and mount combination. We can normally give you a quote instantly. All our frames are produced locally at our workshop. We have over 200 moldings to choose from here, and can offer a wider range of options of moldings if required. We have an extensive range of mount colours and styles to pick from.

Whilst we are happy to try and quote without the artwork to see it is advisable to bring pieces in so that we can give the best possible advice and the most accurate quote.

We can also replace and repair old frames. Replace broken glass. Remount images. Freshen up tired frames. In short bring your images back to life.

Production usually takes a week to ten days though we can often produce frames within a day or so subject to availability of the raw materials.

Off the shelf photo frames

See the wide selection available to buy or order in our shop.

We offer a wide range of off the shelf frames ready to take away and offer advice on which frame will work best with your image.

If you need a bespoke mount cut we can do that for you so as to achieve the perfect finished article. To the right is a selection of the frames we hold in stock.

Our Framing Shop in Fleet

Print your photos with us too!

Before you rush off and get your printing done else where then search around for a frame to fit it, come and see us first. We can print your images for you to fit any frame size. In that way you can pick and choose your favourite frames, then print the images to fit. All in one visit and often while you wait.

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Mount cutting

Mount Cutting

Setting off an image with the right mount is so important, and we can advise you on the best size colour and combination to suit your image and frame.

We can supply mounts on their own or to go into our Frames available off the shelf ready to take away or Bespoke Picture Framing Services ranges. By using a bespoke cut mount in our off the shelf frames we can offer you far more options at a great price. Canvas Framing and Canvas production. We can supply mounts in bulk to art groups etc. We can also offer a service where we offer the group one standard size but create the appertures to fit each unique piece.

Please pop in and ask for details. Our Bespoke frames are produced locally. We also offer a range of ready cut slip in mounts, normally intended for photographs.

Sizes include 4x6 5x7 6x8 8x10 8x12.

Object framing

We can frame all manner of objects, from football shirts to medals and awards

Object framing is always an interesting challenge. No two jobs are the same and it is up to us to find the best possible way to present your items. Every job is quoted individually and the quotes may take a day or so whilst we work out the best way to do what is required. Needless to say such frames can take a little longer to produce. We can also look at pricing up for multiple objects in different frames. Please note: We are unable to quote for objects if we do not have them here, so feel free to bring them in and we can let you know what we can do.

Here's some examples:


Running medals

Another of our favourite challenges of the year was finding a great way to present a decades worth of running medals that were simply gathering dust. Framing them brought them back to life as a wonderful record of the challenges that had been achieved.

Frame Medals

Football shirts

Football shirts can be framed in a number of ways. Just the top part of the body of the shirt. The whole body of the shirt. The body with sleeves. Needless to say the bigger the shirt the more expensive it can be to frame but the finished result is always great. We can help you to find the best way to present your prized shirt within a budget that suits you.

Frame Football Shirts

Military and awards

This example shows a military award with regimental objects beautifully frames to the delight of this ex-serviceman.

Object Framing

Locally produced

Currently all of our bespoke items are produced less than five miles from our studio.

This means our framer is quickly on hand for advice with trickier items. Our turn around times have been dramatically reduced and frames can be ready in a day subject to stock of moldings. We would always suggest allowing a week to ten days on general orders, but if you can be flexible on frame choice we can get it done for you as quickly as possible. Much less packaging. Our frames are delivered back to us by hand reducing the risk of damage in transit and as such the appalling levels of packaging required to transport glass and fragile items. This is good for the environment with only raw materials traveling a distance.

Some mount cutting is now done on site so subject to available board and time we can sometimes cut mounts for you within the hour. Why do we not make our frames on site? Historically the first reason is dust (although dramatically reduced these days) and that not being great combined with photography. The second is space, we would not have enough of it here.

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